12 Pictures Of Celebs Which Revel They Went Under The Knife

The pressure of looking is becoming so popular that even celebs are infected with this. The pressure of coming on the magazine page, Instagram and Facebook are real. This pressure forces them to undergo several surgeries until they get that desired look. Here are some celebrities which went under the Knife but never accepted.

1. Kylie Jenner


If you’ll observe her old pictures, Kylie nearly looks unrecognizable from her derriere. Despite the fact that the true star has acknowledged taking lips infusions, she denies any work on her butt.

2. Kim Kardashian



There are rumours that Kim has done some work on her lips and nose. In spite of the fact that she altogether denies that, her prior and then afterwards pictures uncover the genuine story.

3. Nicki Minaj


The woman of rap is additionally known for getting cosmetic surgeries. She has agreed on getting work on her breast yet denies getting anything else.