12 Pictures Of Famous People Just Before Their Death

As it is a truth that, death comes to all. But, even after the death, there are some famous people in the history who have left a legacy behind them. Something to remember by the audiences and fans.

4. Princess Diana


Diana, Princess of Wales, was an individual from the British illustrious family as the primary spouse of Charles, Prince of Wales, who is the eldest youngster and beneficiary obvious of Queen Elizabeth II. Her photo caught before her car smashed and she died.

5. Steve Jobs


Steven Paul Jobs was an American businessman, entrepreneur, inventor, and mechanical planner. jobs was the director, and the CEO, and prime supporter of Apple Inc. This was caught in the blink of an eye before he passed away after a long fight with pancreatic growth.


6. Heath Ledger


Heathcliff Andrew Ledger was an Australian performing artist and executive. After performing roles in a few Australian TV and film preparations during the 1990s. One of the photos before he kicked the bucket because of a medication overdose.