12 Pictures Of Famous People Just Before Their Death

As it is a truth that, death comes to all. But, even after the death, there are some famous people in the history who have left a legacy behind them. Something to remember by the audiences and fans.

10. Mark Twain


Twain was an American essayist, humorist, business person, distributer, and speaker. This is a photo caught before he passed on because of a heart assault.

11. Marilyn Monroe


She was an American on-screen character and model. Well known for playing comic ‘dumb blonde’ characters. She was caught before her death because of a barbiturate overdose.


12. Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was a German-conceived hypothetical physicist. Einstein’s work is additionally known for its effect on the theory of science. This was the point at which he was caught before his death because of the abdominal aortic aneurysm at 76 years old.