These are some funny “Simpsons” Moments that perfectly covered the Scotland, Please try not to laugh. Shhh..!!!!

1. When they featured our affection for intense love.


We don’t mollycoddle anybody or anything. Particularly not babies.

2. What’s more, our stoic refusal to undergo feelings.

Why embrace, when you can simply gesture and additionally call somebody a “guid cunt”?

3. Or, then again to let any other individual experience them.


“Stop your snivellin’ and greetin’, plenty have it worse.” – Our national motto.

4. When they turned out with this gem.


That is haar-dly reasonable.

5. When they got this reality 100% right.


Because we’re intense, doesn’t mean we can’t be classy.

6. When they summed up our conversation issues.


This is the thing that happens truly every time we endeavor to converse with an American.

7. When they nailed our hobbies down to a tee.


As everybody knows, we don’t care for anything superior to winnowing the invasive grey squirrels who are driving out the resident red squirrel populace. Additionally, liquor.

8. At the point when Willie was everybody’s father toward the end of a party.

Singing irate tunes about Culloden, the Highland Clearances, and the 3-0 defeat suffered by Scotland in the current World Cup qualifiers 1st round.

9. When he helped you to remember each alcoholic rugby fan you’ve ever sat opposite on a train.

Such a large number of bollock-flashes.

10. When they nailed the agony of attending an away game.

This is the reason we go all at once, as a tartan army.

11. When they summed up all Yes campaigners.

They passed up a great opportunity the “SAOR ALBA” tattoo and heap of flyers, however.

12. When they revealed the end of a night out in Glasgow.


This is 100% what happens when the lights enter Sub Club.