12 Powerful Pictures That Look Photoshopped But Are Not

Photography is an art. Each photograph has its own meaning that is hidden in the picture. That takes a lot of understanding to evaluate the picture. Photographs are the one such thing that connects the world to another world. It's really a feeling you should do with emotions and passion. If you give a camera to a newbie they not have that thing in them. It take an eye for a photographer to have a perception about the scene. Here are some of the picture which looks like they are photoshopped but are not.

Supermoon in a radio telescope


Capturing the best moments in our life is getting the moon on earth and feeling it’s really a part of our planet.

A child’s play for the crane!


Be it a small toy or big things you can take over it with just your will. Displaying that machine playing with the cloud was really the best idea to capture.


Heaven in Japan


We always end up thinking that there is heaven on earth. This thing does look like one.

The spider webs in Abernathy Forest, Scotland


This is what you call a monopoly. How we humans have captured the world, animals too have those needs and they are doing it right.