12 Sexiest Men Alive Winners Over The Years, Number 9 Is Everybody’s Favorite

Consistently since 1985, People magazine is giving the honor of 'Sexiest Man Alive' to respect only one well-known man with this prestigious title. The honor, as you may expect did not depend on the looks; rather, the spirit of that renowned person must be in line for them to win the crown. This is the title every man desires to win. The journey of this title has been astonishing, let us now have a look at the sexiest man alive from the list.

Denzel Washington, 1996.


At the point when someone asked about the champion in the year 1996, Denzel stated, “I don’t take myself too seriously, I don’t stop in the mirror and go, ‘Hey, Sexy Man.”

George Clooney, 1997.


In his first appearance on the covers of sexiest man alive, Clooney’s fans did discuss his fancy looks as well as gushed about his loyalty also.


Harrison Ford, 1998.


Harrison Ford was meant to be on the covers of sexiest man alive, as he is the most beloved space hero and hottest action hero of his time. When asked how does he feel about this title, Ford replied: “Why this sudden outpouring for geezers? I never feel sexy. I have a distant relationship with the mirror.”

Richard Gere, 1999.


Richard was 50 when this title was presented to him. A fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg said,”He [Gere] walked like a biker, and that attracted me. I knew I was going to get my hands on him. I seduced him.” Click on the next page to know more. Click on the next page to see more.