12 Simple, Everyday Health Hacks That Will Help You Feel Better

The human body is a strange and complex organism, with hundreds of moving pieces constantly working together to keep you, well, alive. Given that it's a vessel with so much going on at any given time, it makes sense that there are so-called "body hacks" you can do to make it work even more efficiently.

9. Blowing with your thumb in your mouth can reduce your heart rate.


If you totally seal your mouth around your thumb and blow, it can stimulate the vagus nerve, which influences heart rate and blood pressure. Then again, if your heart rate is consistently high, you should probably skip this trick and go see a doctor.

10. Sleeping right after studying can help you remember and retain the information more effectively.


According to some studies, the brain will stay active when you first fall asleep and subconsciously re-examine the information that you just learned. Just try not to fall asleep while you’re studying.