12 Stranger Things Facts That You Have Never Heard Before

In this way, I'm almost certain we all have seen the Stranger Things season one and season two. The second season was released more than two months before, yet the hype for the show has never truly chilled off. Presently, to get you much more hype for the next season, here are a couple of facts about the show. We’ve collected the 12 most interesting details that were revealed after the show. The most facts are about everyone’s favorite characters and locations.

5. The Upside Down looks very similar to the 1999 video game Silent Hill.


Much the same as in the Upside Down, the world of Silent Hill includes thick fog and floating ashes. The game has its very own few monsters, too.

6. Will, Eleven, and Sara Hopper all have a stuffed lion toy.


In case you didn’t see, every one of the three characters shares a similar looking stuffie. Maybe, the connection will be uncovered in the next season!


7. Winona Ryder didn’t know what “streaming” meant.


That is simply cute. Winona Ryder is like everyone’s mother. Obviously, the actress didn’t know what the word meant until the point that Netflix approached her for Stranger Things.

8. In the first season, Eleven has roughly 42 lines.


At least, that is Millie Bobby Brown’s estimate. Still, the part of Eleven requires some genuine acting chops, particularly since she regularly couldn’t convey her feelings through words. Click on the next page to know more facts that you didn’t know before.