12 Stranger Things Facts That You Have Never Heard Before

In this way, I'm almost certain we all have seen the Stranger Things season one and season two. The second season was released more than two months before, yet the hype for the show has never truly chilled off. Presently, to get you much more hype for the next season, here are a couple of facts about the show. We’ve collected the 12 most interesting details that were revealed after the show. The most facts are about everyone’s favorite characters and locations.

9. Millie Bobby Brown filmed the shaving her head for Stranger Things in front of her mother and father.


According to IMDb, “Her father was so traumatized by the event, he sobbed and couldn’t bear to watch.”

10. There are no Christmas lights in the Byers home at the end of Season One.


In the season finale, there’s a Christmas scene at the Byers home. Obviously, the family hasn’t set up any Christmas lights. I bet Joyce Byers never wants to see those lights again.


11. Millie Bobby Brown was 11 years old when she played Eleven.


At the time of casting and shooting, Millie was the same age as her character’s name. The world works in puzzling ways.

12. When Steven and Jonathan duked it out, Steven got hurt IRL.


Amid that fight scene, Steven (played by Joe Keery) was hit in the face unintentionally — twice. Ouch!