12 Things ALL Northerners Will Truly Understand, Number 10 Is Common

If you’re a northerner then you’ll probably be able to relate to most of these things! If you’re a northerner living down south, then I feel sorry for you! I’m joking of course…. Here are a few things you’ll understand if you’re a northerner!

3. The many great northern sayings.


Areeeet pet? Morning duck! Afternoon cock! All the different northerner sayings. There are so many different ones for each region too! I know cockneys have rhyming slang but who wants to communicate with someone when you don’t even know what you’re on about half the time? Eee By Gum lass!

4. And if the sayings don’t confuse southerners enough, the dialect definitely will.

“I can’t be mithered” means making a fuss. A number of times I’ve said that in front of southerners and they’ve looked at me like I’ve got two heads. Even the different dialect up north can confuse northerners, especially the Yorkshire dialect, that’s like listening to someone talk in a different language sometimes.