12 Things ALL Northerners Will Truly Understand, Number 10 Is Common

If you’re a northerner then you’ll probably be able to relate to most of these things! If you’re a northerner living down south, then I feel sorry for you! I’m joking of course…. Here are a few things you’ll understand if you’re a northerner!

5. You can drive 10 minutes down the road and the people will have a COMPLETELY different accent to you.

There are SO many different dialects up North. I have friends down the road from me who have a completely different accent. Everyone down south just sound the same to me. Yeah, there’s cockneys and west country people, but then everyone else sounds sound the same really. You could drive about an hour and the people sound the same. Whereas if you drive an hour up North the people would sound COMPLETELY different.

6. Saying hello or making eye contact with someone isn’t a form of aggression.


Talking to someone you don’t know or smiling at a passerby isn’t seen as a mark of being a psychopath like in London. If you even breathe near someone you get the dirtiest look as if you’ve just lick their face or something. In fact, I don’t think I have ever been to an unfriendlier place than London in my entire life and I’ve traveled to quite a few different cities in my life.