12 Things ALL Northerners Will Truly Understand, Number 10 Is Common

If you’re a northerner then you’ll probably be able to relate to most of these things! If you’re a northerner living down south, then I feel sorry for you! I’m joking of course…. Here are a few things you’ll understand if you’re a northerner!

7. You’ll know that the sun comes out for about 2.5 out of the 365 days a year.

Yep, we’re lucky if we even get that to be honest. I love how as soon as we see a smidgen of sun, everyone just goes mental. You find people sunbathing anywhere they can lie, it doesn’t matter if they’re blocking a public footpath, the sun is more important. Then when those 2 days of sun disappear, we’re left depressed and grumpy. I still wear my winter coat in summer anyway.

8. Buying a pint and not having to get a loan out to pay for it.

Unless you live in Manchester because that’s getting as bad as London for drinks prices! Bloody hell. Talk about a p*ss take. Not only do we get the worst weather in Britain but we have to pay London prices. Anywhere else up north is good though, you don’t usually have to remortgage your house to buy a few pints after work. I don’t actually understand how people manage to have a social life in London, unless they’re on a VERY good wage!