12 Things ALL Northerners Will Truly Understand, Number 10 Is Common

If you’re a northerner then you’ll probably be able to relate to most of these things! If you’re a northerner living down south, then I feel sorry for you! I’m joking of course…. Here are a few things you’ll understand if you’re a northerner!

9. Most of us know how to have a proper drink.


Let’s face it, you can’t really go to the pub and just have “one” drink, can you? I don’t think that has ever happened to me anyway. We Brits are known for our drunken antics when we go abroad, which we shouldn’t be proud of really, I’m definitely not condoning those idiots who go abroad to start fights when the footballs on for example.

10. Getting into a really heated debate about what you call one of these things.


Is it a barm? A cob? A bread roll? A bap? WTF is it? It’s like the “scone” argument, no one will ever find out who is actually right, but all I know is that it’s definitely called a barm. END OF.