12 Things ALL Northerners Will Truly Understand, Number 10 Is Common

If you’re a northerner then you’ll probably be able to relate to most of these things! If you’re a northerner living down south, then I feel sorry for you! I’m joking of course…. Here are a few things you’ll understand if you’re a northerner!

11. Giving directions by using pubs and chippies.


“Yeah, it’s that road facing the Old Horse”. I’m sure it’s the same down south tbh, but you can’t turn a corner without seeing a pub on that road, you can’t go a mile down a road without seeing two chippes either!

12. Calling an alley a ginnel


Yes, that is the correct way. Mardy is the Yorkshire word for moody and canny is the Newcastle way of saying great. It might sound funny to southerners, but I’m pretty sure cockney rhyming slang and cornish words are a load of b*llocks too.