12 Things Your Dog Does When He’s Trying To Tell You Something

Not so with pet owners. So until someone finally invents a dog-to-human translator, you're going to have to learn to read your dog's body language. With that in mind, here are 12 common behaviors dogs will show their owners and what they could mean.

5. Constant eye contact.


Now, this one depends a lot on how the dog is looking at you. But if her expression is normal and she’s staring into your eyes, it’s a pretty powerful way of showing affection.

6. Calmly staring at you as you leave the house.


Some owners might feel guilty leaving a dog like this, but this is exactly the response you want. You’ll know a dog is really scared to see you go if leaving prompts her to bark, howl, chew furniture, urinate or defecate. These are all signs of separation anxiety.