12 Things That Are So Perfect That They Will Leave You Satisfied

Are you having a stressed day? Seems like nothing is going right? Well, don’t worry we have got you something which will give you a sense of relief. Assure you that at least some things are perfect and you can finally have some peace. Here is a list of things that are so perfect that you might actually clap your hand in exhilaration.



The satisfying feeling we get on seeing this can slide seamlessly into the glass is some relief to the irritate soul. Finally, it fits!




I doubt this could be a coincidence. The mattress fits perfectly as a door. Wonder if the mattress was custom-made or it was sheer luck. Either way, it saved the day.



Nothing can be as satisfying as seeing this perfectly aligned rubber band on the keyboard. It seems they were made for each other.



This is surely the work of a perfectionist. Who else can be this particular with these logs rather than a person who loves perfection? Does he have an OCD? Turn next for more.