12 Things To Remember If You Love A Person With ADHD

A person with ADHD(Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder) can be hard to live with. They are manageable, but that too, is a full-time challenge. As a person with ADHD has to work through his challenges, you as his lover, parent, sibling or friend also have to learn coping skills to improve the situation. Don’t do these 12 things if you want to have a happier life together.

5. Don’t Make Unrealistic Demands – Stay With The Possible.


When a person with ADHD gets stressed out, an obsessive thought pattern of “what-ifs” begins. So Accept the fact that they may not be able to do what you want, when you want it, or how you want them to do it. If it’s something important, be specific.

6. Don’t Give Instructional Lectures – Be Respectful.


If you have something to say, be sure to choose the right words at the right time. The timing of your conversations determines if you will be heard or ignored. Schedule a time to talk. Rehearse your speech so that it comes out as love, not control.