12 Things You May Not Know About The Royal Family

Regardless of what city, country or continent you live in, you have no doubt heard about the Royal Family. From scandals to tragedy, fabrications to amusing anecdotes, they have made headlines and tabloids the world round.

 Yet even with the amount of media coverage, there are still things we don’t know about them, which, honestly, is probably for the better. Not only that, they are keeping up with the times. They now have their own website, Twitter, and YouTube channel. Just a shame we never got a Royal Family Harlem Shake… But you already knew that about the Royal Family.

From peculiar royal decrees to pretty neat genealogical ties to famous people across the Atlantic Ocean, here’s 12 Things You Need To Know About The Royal Family.

12. Rich, But Not That Rich

You may think royalty means you can have whatever you want and do whatever you want, not only because of your status, but because of your bulging wallet. Well, this is kind of true, but the royal family is far from the richest in the UK. In fact, with a rough net worth of $550 million, the Queen is about 257th on the list of richest people in the UK.

11. The Royal Fish Decree

According to law, any ‘royal fish’ – whales, sturgeon or dolphin – caught within the waters surrounding the UK automatically belong to the Royal Family. Enacted by Edward II sometime during his reign in the 13th century, it declared just that.