12 Things You May Not Know About The Royal Family

Regardless of what city, country or continent you live in, you have no doubt heard about the Royal Family. From scandals to tragedy, fabrications to amusing anecdotes, they have made headlines and tabloids the world round.

2. If That Is Your Real Name…

Sometimes people change their names because they aren’t happy with what they were given. Some people change it because it’s related to some heinous acts of the past. Well, the royal family is no different. In fact, many of the monarchs of the UK have used names other than their own.

1. Ties to America

This was actually discovered quite recently. Other than the fact that America claimed independence from England in 1776, there is evidence pointing towards the Duchess of Cambridge being distantly related to the founder of the United States, George Washington, as well as Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote the Star Spangled Banner.

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