12 Things You Should Never Ask Your Man If You Value Your Relationship

Being in relationship one the best sentiments to have at any point existed for both men and women. Men are quite arranged in their heads and they can't imagine the sort of prediction that goes on our head 24x7. So women, how about we be compassionate towards our men and not besiege them with senseless questions that they won't have a justified answer for, because your question won't bode well. So here's a list of those questions no young lady ought to ask her beau no matter how candid you are with each other.

4. What lengths can you go to in order to prove your love for me?

What do you need him to say? He ain’t a performing actor in a Bollywood movie bragging his star-culling ability.

3. What do you like the most about me?

They don’t quantify when they love you truly. It is next to impossible for him to actually point out that one thing about you that he loves the most. Even if he fell for your smile first, it is no longer the focal point of love for him. And he knows if he does point it out, you would bombard him with more questions like “My smile is the only thing you like about me?”, “that’s it?”, “What about my eyes?”, “….annndddd?”.

2. We can still be friends, right?

On the off chance that he has adored you with his heart, at that point “being friend zoned” won’t be simple for him. A man can either be “your man” or “nothing”, never in the middle. You have made him extremely upset and it is going to require some time for him to get over you. Give him a chance to recover from the misfortune and not keep missing you.


1. Do you remember the date we first kissed?

Expecting him should recall your birthday and anniversary is legitimized, however, your first kiss anniversary, first hug anniversary, first sex anniversary are a lot. Gracious, unless he is a human calendar!