12 Top Scottish Winter Survival Tips That Nobody Will Tell You Ever

If there's exclusive who knows a ton about outdoor survival, it's Bear Grylls, so we thought we'd assembled a list of survival tips for Scottish winter to enable you to out with your experience needs that Bear Grylls also won't tell you. The thing is, the Born Survivor's survival tips are will undoubtedly be entirely in-your-face. Here are some Scottish winter survival tips that prove just that… We’re guessing you don’t fancy following all of them! One tip for you, In case you're anxious about hurricanes, influence them to appear significantly less threatening by giving them a charming name, as Harold, Agnes, or Bawbag.

If there’s anyone who knows a lot about outdoor survival, it’s Bear Grylls. We understand that his tips are pretty hardcore and not doable by everyone in city life, so we thought of getting a simple list of survival tips for your Scottish winter which even Bear Grylls won’t tell you. These tips are going to blow your mind for sure as they are funny as hell and will keep you warm in this winter at any cost. So here we bring for you – 12 Top Scottish Winter Survival Tips That Nobody Will Tell You Ever and you must know…

12. Carry your winter ware collection all the time.


Scottish climate is always changing during this time of the year, so carry snow shoes, an ice axe, a stove, gloves, a swimsuit, and shades with you all the time.

11. Winter drinks



Stock yourself with basics, like lager, cider, whisky, port, white wine, red wine, vodka, brandy, gin, and bread. This would help you to keep yourself full and warm from inside.

10. Keep exercising


Exercise warms you up, so as opposed to putting the heating on, purchase a ’90s jazzercise DVD and simply go fucking nuts.

9. Keep yourself active


Individuals are often portrayed as “hot with rage”, so warm yourself up by presenting yourself to something that angers you, as Donald Trump or Jedward. Click on the next page to continue.