12 Unexpected Things About LA That Will Make You Say “WTF”

Often, while I commute to work or sit at my happy place in the park next block, I float deep into the thought about how crazy and awesome this city is! But there are some facts about this city that will make you literally "SAY WHAT?".

3. Use West Side Rentals To Find An Apartment


People in LA usually recommend west side rentals if you want to rent an apartment in LA. Convenient right? More facts on the next page.

4. Sharing Passwords?


How can you share passwords with others! But in LA they share it or use Craigslist to find rental apartments or jobs.

5. The Spread Out Los Angeles



LA is huge and so sprawled because of some reason. It’s about 4,084 square miles. If we compare New York is 304.8 square miles.

 6. Earthquakes? Not A Big Deal


Earthquake is such a natural calamity that when we hear this word we go crazy. But People in LA have this tendency of saying “uh! it’s not even 3.0”. For more such facts visit next page.