12 Unkind True Confessions From An Ex-Apple Store Employee

iPhone is one of the leading brands in a smartphone. An apple phone can cost up to $1000 which is way too much for anyone to buy at once. But still, people prefer this expensive brand phone which gives the user a standard and a great feeling. But the iPhone also has some issues which have been disclosed by their former employee. Here is a list of the brutal honest confessions made a formal Apple store employee.

#12 No Idea WTF Is Wrong With Your Device


A formal Apple store employee confessed that sometimes the store employee has no idea WTF is wrong with the owner’s device. And they simply reboot the device to let the owner know they did something to solve their problem.

#11 Lot Of Pictures You Might Not Want Others To See



According to some apple store employee, they never snoop through a person’s device ever. But sometimes people don’t realize what they’ve left them open on their screen when they hand it to them.

#10 We know when you’re lying


Not Every time the customer service can tell if the phone has been dropped in water or not. But still, if they find similar try of a problem they tend to say “you can tell us you didn’t drop your phone in water, but the liquid indicators inside your phone beg to differ.”

#9 Most Of The Time We Have To Play By The Rules


The Store employees are not actually allowed to give special favors and they have to play by the rules no matter what. Turn to next page for more confessions.