There comes a time in every relationship when people realize they are not fit for each other. Sometimes it ends up hurting either one of the two. While most of us fail to notice the ultimate signs specially girls , since we are all blinded by love. Whether your boyfriend is into us or not  is a big question and if he is cheating on you is a more bigger question. Well don’t worry we are here at your rescue and have put forward a guide of sure signs and tips whether he is cheating on you with another woman. So need not worry if he is cheating on you , there are far better guys out there to sweep you right off the floor. Here is a list filters for your next find.

#1 Guys with their age ending with the digit 9


The number  19 or 29  is a real tricky age and dating a guy at this age can really get difficult. As these guys are at the age when they are about to end their running decade and want to make most of that one last year before entering a new series.

#2 Tall boys tend to cheat more


A research from Illicit Encounters which is a renowned extra-marital dating site says, those guys with a height of 5’10” or above cheat more on their significant half.

#3 Dudes who love rock n roll music


Another study  from the same site encounters that 41% cheaters are rock music lovers. So if he listens to the rock song fanatic and listens to songs composed by Greenday, Coldplay, Beatles, Metallica and all of those, you can count it as a sign.

#4 Guys who work in an IT firm


Don’t let the professional demeanor and mannerism fool you. As these guys have a lot of options around they tend to move on easily.

#5 French guys are the biggest cheaters


LELO  the luxury adult toy brand suggested through  a survey about bedroom habits that nearly 75% of French men admitted to cheating on their partners.

#6 Boys using Twitter


University of Missouri in their research reveals that boys who tweet more , cheat more.

#7 Guys named Wayne


A study states that the men who are called Wayne will probably cheat. (That’s weird!)
I hope Lil Wayne and Wayne Rooney do not read this!

#8 Guys who are manipulative from nature

Is he manipulate you and tries to utilize you in the best possible way? Then, it’s  time; you might want to end things.

#9 Guys who love to flirt with other girls


If he is into the flirt game , you have really selected the wrong guy.

#10 Secretive kinda guys can be cheaters


So  if he avoids a simple topic or hides his phone if you accidentally peep into it, there is something fishy!

#11 He takes his phone even to the bathroom with him


He just doesn’t leave his phone alone. It is accompanied even to the bathroom.

#12 Too many gifts!


The sudden he  shower of  gifts  of things you don’t even need . So chances are that he is hiding something and is just making up for it.

If you spot these signs into your lover do make sure you end things before it takes a nasty turn.