13 Most Aggressive And Funny Messages From Neighbor

Colleagues and flatmates aren’t the first ones who use aggressive language to make an impression on those that irritate them. We have gathered a list of the most amazing ways people told their neighbors they were being a**holes, and they will give you a few thoughts on taking care of residential issues. Requesting that the neighbors quit dropping cigarette butts on the ground by reminding them that it’s not dog’s toilet, the general people behind these messages would likely graduate from Anger Management University with an A+.

1. Neighbors Hate Lights





When your neighbors hate light and have given you warning with some aggression, you go for something special and with 10,000 lights all around your house.

2. The Cat Needs To Quit



The best way you can tell your neighbors not to throw cigarettes buds on the ground is by making them feel guilty that they are spoiling the animal.

3. Too Cold For The Dog


The neighbors told a guy that it’s really cold for the dog to keep him outside the whole day during winters. The guy sent him a picture when the dog is sitting in the snow.

4. Garbage Neighbors


There are times when you are really frustrated with your neighbors and you write a big letter stating each and everything. This may make them feel guilty about whatever they did that night. Click next.