13 Celebrity Couples That Will Completely Shock You With Their Age Difference

One thing which is not considered for sure when you look at celebrity relationships is their age difference. Not kidding you can always find people bitching about other couples and their age difference but not if it is celebs. But there are celebrities that will just shock you when you know their age difference. Here are 13 celebrities that will completely shock you with the age difference between their partners.

#13 Crystal Harris


Hugh Hefner is definitely the real Playboy and he even proved it by hooking up with Crystal Harris who is 26 years old and marrying her in 2012.

#12 Mary-Kate Olsen



Mary-Kate Olsen is 17-years-younger than Olivier Sarkozy and the couple started dating each other in 2015. The couple makes very rare public appearances but whenever they do they seem to be very happy together.

#11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Hollywood star and stuntman Jason Statham is 20-years-older than Rosie Huntington. They are happy together for the past seven years and announced their engagement in 2016.

#10 Anna Nicole Smith


Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall has to be the weirdest couple on the list. They have an age difference of 63 years. Marshall died in 1995 leaving back nothing for her in his will. Stay tuned for more weird celeb couples on the next page…