These 13 Celebs Who Cheated On Their Partners Will Blow Your Mind

#9 Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold and Maria Shrive got married to each other in 1986, a had a very stable and successful life but. In 2011, Arnold had an affair with his housekeeper Patricia Baena and had a son. Arnold has many times admitted, “cheating on her was a major screw-up.”

#8 Ashton Kutcher


Auston Kutcher and Demi Moore had been dating each other for some time and finally got married in 2005. Auston was accused of cheating in 2011 and in 2013 the couple got a divorce. After two years in 2015, Scott Eastwood revealed Ashton cheated on Demi with his girlfriend.


#7 Meg Ryan


Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid met during the filming of the movie, D.O.A.  They started dating and got married in 1991. The couple got divorced in 2001 and Meg claimed Dennis was cheating on her through the marriage but later it was found the other way round Meg was unfaithful one. More cheating celebrities are revealed on next page…