13 Elevator Ads That Can Uplift Your Mood

With this modern world, we have been shifting to skyscrapers and can’t imagine our life without elevators. They have become a part of our life. We still use the cable version of elevators which was invented by Elisha Otis. Elevators have become the best place for advertisements, where people stop for a while and analyze things in their mind.  How often do you look at the ads and get inspired by them? Here are some breathtaking ads for you to be amazed.

1. Be Born Again


A plastic surgeon ad that was applied so beautifully near the elevator. This is another level of advertisement, someone will surely fall for this one.

2. Maxwell House’s Coffee



A masterpiece of 3D art just to give an adrenaline rush while going to your workplace. This coffee can surely wake you up when you are feeling sleepy during office hours.

3. Gold’s Gym


As you know Gold’s gym is a huge chain of an International gym that is well known throughout America and Canada and many other places in the world. It was founded by Joe Gold who is also a bodybuilder and Businessman.

4. Divorce Elevator


Way to your Divorce lawyer can be this dramatic nobody would have thought about this. Every time the lift opens the couple splits up. Click next.