13 Everyday Problems Faced By Every Girl Who Has Long Hairs

When it comes to long hair, who doesn’t love them? They are absolutely amazing. A girl with long hair will say “Wow I have long hair so now I can do anything I want to do with it, there are so many styles that I can try now.” Sometimes long hair can irritate girl so much to such an extent that they lose their control and go mad over it. C-Cassandra is a Canadian artist, who makes these wonderful designs. She has made a few outlines of young ladies and their way of life. This time, she has tried to explain the issues looked by young ladies with long hair and it’s totally relatable.

1. The nightmare of my hair!


Just imagine waking up in the morning with all the messy hair and you are really afraid to use your comb, as you know it will ruin them and tear them apart.

2. Blegh! That’s ‘romantic’!



No wonder that all the girls with long hair face a problem like this. Every time you try to kiss a guy your hair becomes a barrier and a distraction.

3. Time for a workout


Washing long hair is one headache for the girl but drying them after the wash is something they can’t handle. They have to sit for hours to make them dry and it’s a workout kind of thing.

4. They are…


The hair just wander everywhere possible and they just sometimes irritate you at places you just cannot imagine them to be. Click next.