13 Funny Tweets That Broke Twitter’s Record Of 100K Retweets

There were times when people laughed at jokes of the humorous people and it was short term and people forgot it over time and it was enjoyed by the small audience. Then came the TV shows which were accessible to each and every person but couldn’t make that impact. Now it the time when we have twitter and some people tweet such hilarious jokes online that they become famous overnight and gets thousands of retweets. Here are some tweets which became a sensation over the internet.

1. This Uber driver appeared to be in deep water


This guy was worried about his uber rider as he could see him in the water. He tried to contact him and asked if everything was alright. He said he was lost.

2. First impressions matter



When you want to be the best uncle and you are too nervous about the first impression you are going to have on the baby. You dress like you are the most decent one among all.

3. The second coming of Uber has arrived


The time you get a message like this is the time you realize you have done something wrong and it could be the reason of Jesus is arriving to pick you up.

4. The child’s got style


The child has got so much attitude that you should be careful of the things that this child will do to the parents and the spouse. Click next for more hilarious tweets.