13 Genius Commentators Who Perfectly Know How To Use Sarcasm

You might know but on the internet, every second a new meme is created. But many times, not all are all funny. These comments on the post are actually really funny and can even turn a boring post into a masterpiece. Here are 10 genius commentators who perfectly know how to use sarcasm

#10 How To Remove It


Stealing is a very bad habit and getting caught can lead to serious jail. The best way to remove this type of pin is to buy it.

#9 Now That’s What I Call A Party



Did not know you can even throw a party like this. Got to learn from this guy he is very good at hosting a party.

#8 How Hungry Could He Be?


How hungry do you have to be to consume food worth $8000 or did he just flush the rest of the food down the drainage pipe?

#7 Spider-Man Fan Club


Going to a place or coming back from a trip never ever in the world wear the same clothes people might think of you as some kind of mentally ill group of people. Stay tuned for more on the next page…