Amazon has essentially all the things that have ever existed in the world. You can order anything from books to cosmetics to tissue and have it delivered to your doorsteps. You can even order storage tubs and end up with a pack of marijuana. But how wonderful and beneficial as Amazon seems to be, the real treasure is often covered up not in the items themselves but rather in the reviews for those items. Here are some of the items which got such emotional reviews by the people who had so much time in hand.

1. Pole to Pole Beach Ball


If at all you are looking for a beach ball with which you can play with your friends this is not the item you are looking for. However, if you are looking for something durable which travels a long distance this is the perfect product.

2. Half Keyboard


We don’t have an idea about who thought of creating this keyboard but this keyboard is actually useless, you need to type words like ‘abracadabra’ or ‘sweaterdresses’ a lot.

3. Kindle Cover


This product is of no use if you want your mother-in-law to drop her kindle and electrocute her. This product is surely good for waterproof kindling and crap for murder.

4. The Keyboard Waffle Iron


At least the person here has an excuse for not working. Still, you have this giant waffle in the shape of the keyboard, surely you must have had a great day. Click Next.

5. A Penguin Mask


If at all you want to order this to sing a song in front of your kids, just drop the plan because it will scare the hell out of them.

6. A Condom Review

Now that you are done with all these baby things. They are recommended to order a penguin mask. You’ll need them probably.

7. Movie Review


Let’s just not talk about the actual movie story, you may write your own movie story and let us know. The puns will be out of this world. Click Next.

8. A Shaving Cream?


You must be wondering how could anybody transport Dinosaur embryos in a can of shaving cream. Anyways people do find a way to accomplish anything.

9. For Star War Fans


This one is for star war fans if at all you want an improved version for this model the guy had already done your work, go for it. Unfortunately, it came at the cost of many Bothans’ lives.

10. Baby Belly Button


This is a big spoiler alert for the people who are planning to buy this one. Maybe you should just remove the baby from the cover. Click Next.

11. Uranium Ore


This one is only funny for the people who don’t know that Uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. It takes some time to realize this joke though.

12. A Bottle Of Scotch


This review is enough for anyone who wants to buy it. You’ll be going straight out to buy this bottle. It doesn’t matter if you like scotch or not but you have this one.

13. A Bottle Holder For Bicycle


If at all you need a water bottle holder this product will just do fine. If you are planning to use it for other things like holding eggs, you’ll have to look for something else.