13 Hilarious And Funny Texts From Ex Girlfriend

Sometimes relationships do end up in a weird way. In a relationship, there are times when you just cannot stand that person with whom you have spent so much being in love. After a breakup, there are chances that you may not talk at all or you just trouble each other every now and then. When you receive a text from your ex there are two things you can do, humiliate them to such extent that they don't try to talk to you in future or just leave it on a happy note. Here are some hilarious ex-girlfriend conversations that can surely make you laugh.

11. Trying To Be Smart


Don’t ever try to be smart in front of your ex because you may get a reply which will break your self-motivation to be smart.

12. A Once And For All Text


When you get frustrated by the text of your ex, again and again, disturbing your thoughts, you just can’t stay still but reply with something which will surely end it.


13. Rather Take A Pass


Being aware of what your ex will try to text you. The most appropriate thing which you can do is just take a pass from whatever they are asking.