13 Initial Date Texts That Wouldn’t Lead To Second

Dating is no more a mystery and has become really casual. Well, not for everyone, some might find it difficult to grab the first date and when they do they really go beyond limits to make it special. But have you wondered if anything goes wrong despite these efforts? Well, we have summed up exactly such scenes for you. So if at all you are going on a first date here are a few tips about things that you should avoid if you want to score the second one. Unfornutaley the one’s listed above couldn’t get the help needed.

1. Oh That Smile


These auto-correct problems can surely kill your vibe after your first date text. Make sure you check before you send otherwise these are the results.

2. Wearing A Spandex



Wearing anything on your first date can create a bad impression of you in front of your date. You also can do it purposely just to make the person uncomfortable and see if they stay.

3. Fear Of the First Date


There’s always a fear in every person which comes out when they are going for a blind date. But you don’t accidentally text your blind date regarding it.

4. Things Are Going Real Fast


After meeting you don’t expect to tell it to your parents. You never know how they’ll react if they are not cool about it this is what will be happening. Click next.