13 People Who Couldn’t Control Their Creativity

Various people can think outside of the box. What’s more, they are the ones who can create incredible things and life hacks that make life more simpler, interesting and comfortable. Indeed, things like a sewed guard or a skateboard that can be moved by a screwdriver may appear to be odd, however, they truly do work! We have discovered 13 creative individuals who appear to live in the year 3018! Also, toward the finish of the article, we will demonstrate to you a cool lighter that may not light your cigarette, but rather it beyond any doubt will begin a monster fire.

1. You can transport a cake using a piece of plywood and duct tape


A creative way of transporting cake from one place to the another. Don’t you think that could have been done in a very easy way also?

2. Broken Bike And Scooter



Have you ever thought of doing this to your scooter and bike? This guy made something unique and hope he can drive that efficiently.

3. You can put duct tape on a light and stitch a bumper


Next time you hit your car with anything and break something, you know what you have to do now.

4. More proof that simple things are genius


Who needs a sprinkler when you have a table fan and a pipe. You just have to attach both and see the magic it does. Click next.