13 People That Classify In Both Funny And Mean Category

One of the best ways to stay healthy and also lose weight at the same time can be achieved from laughing. But for that purpose, you need to laugh regularly for which you need a joke that will crack you up. People play pranks or joke on each other or sometimes do stupid things. But some time sharp comments or remarks can also turn in to funny jokes. Here are 13 people that classify in both funny and mean category.

#13 Scurrying Mom


We all know our mom sometimes can get too much worried but sending a picture like this might kill your mom. It is definitely not the way to get rid of your mother.

#12 Way To Take a Bite Of Friends Meal



When every friend asks for a bite of your lunch or dinner you will definitely share. But when you get your food back like this you are not going to give him anything next time.

#11 Perfect Portrait


Asking a Girl if you can make a sketch of her and playing a prank like this guy is not good. The person might have laughed for sure but the girl is not going to talk to him again.

#10 Bale Transformation


It is definitely true women change their shape and transform themselves like Christain Bale has done for his films. Stay tuned for more on the next page…