13 People Who Have Their Own Weird Logic

Applying logic is the very epic procedure of reasoning through a sequence of statements or occasions while attempting to solve a problem. While at times intelligent reasoning appears like an easy decision, the logical thinkers in this article really walk to the beat of an alternate drummer. We have gathered a list of individuals that don’t seem to follow the laws of logic. While their reasoning can turn out to be somewhat disturbing, we can’t resist the urge to see the humor in it.

1. An Unexpected Question


What exactly happened to this girl and she ended up asking this question? Were you high on something?

2. Power Strip



Who actually told you to apply that thing in itself? This person surely didn’t go to school. You have a guide that comes with each product at least use that.

3. Everything In One Place


There’s a reason you keep everything in its place. You just cannot mess things up like this, though it looks really cool with everything so convenient to use.

4. Not An Easy Way Out


This guy had two options to make his vision clear and easy his task. Though he has chosen the hard way out. Click next.