13 People Who Have Their Own Way Of Doing Things

A study led by Daniel Gilbert demonstrates that we spend 46.9% of our lives in autopilot mode. We usually follow the standard rules and don’t focus on the world around us. However, some people look at their own life from a different angle in order to do them in a different way. People actually can go to different levels just to make things happen in their life. We collected the comical cases showing that human creativity has no limits.

1. A New Photo From The Beach


There are times when you have to take those steps just to complete some things at last moment. These can be so hilarious sometimes you won’t stop laughing.

2. Peasant’s Love For Cheeseburgers



Even peasants have their needs, even they go for Mcdonald’s drive-through. Some things can be done in a more weird way.

3. She Belongs To Another Planet?


What exactly is she trying to do? Maybe protecting herself from the bugs which are present in the train? This girl has her own way to deal with things.

4. Best Way To Get Along With The Police


Ever faced a situation in which you are about to see so many police that you freak out and just go and try to hug them? You can see one right here. Click next.