13 People Who’s Luck Never Leaves Them

We’ve all had terrible minutes in life when a personal drama was overwhelming. However, there are very few things which can be compared to the relief you feel that things turned out to be just fine. It doesn’t make a difference if that it was only a little hardship or a dangerous accident. In this article, we’ll show you how awesome it feels to avoid things like that. We collected the best photographs that explain only some seconds avoided some disastrous accidents.

1. Saved From Heading Towards The Hospital


If that knife would have fallen some inches closer, this person would have been on his way to the hospital. Sometimes have a luck which nobody can beat.

2. Illegal Skimmer



There are so many illegal things which are done with the ATMs which you just cannot figure out when you are getting trapped in one. This guy found out it just in time.

3. Saved By A Coin


This guy’s grandfather was shot in the chest during the war. The coins in his breast pocket saved him from the bullet which could have been penetrated his chest in no time.

4. Lucky Owner Of That Car


We are always afraid of something happening to our car and when it comes to natural calamities you just cannot do anything if the damage is caused by that. This man was saved from that. Click next.