13 Plots All First Year University Student Needs To Prepare Themselves For

There’s always a new life when you enter your college life after your school. Initially, it will be something just like school. Friends, classes, environment and hostel life is totally new to you. The people here will judge you for whatever you do. Some good some bad experiences will come your way but there are somethings you need to prepare yourself for before entering a university. Here are some things you will surely face while your initial days in university.

1. Joining Clubs On 1st Day


After entering the university joining insane amount of clubs during O week. You did the joining thing but never go and attend their meetings.

2. Student ID Card Picture



Whenever we are asked to take a picture for the university ID card, we end up giving our worst picture or the university people click it by themselves using a camera.

3. Icebreakers


Everybody is new and you are new to everybody. There are times when you need to break that awkward silence in class. These icebreakers are much needed in initial phases.

4. Promise Of Good Grades


When you promise yourself that you’ll surely work hard for your grades in the current semester but end the sem being all messed up. Click next.