13 Protest Signs Which Are Way Too Hilarious

The right to speak freely and protesting are rights that individuals misuse more, special thanks to social media. While around 125 million hashtags crash the web each day, many of them happen to support protest or social media post. We’ve gathered some silly and abnormal protest signs from various challenges around the world. Did you know fathers can be extremely useful in water protests? Continue looking to discover how.

1. Really Serious Issue


Sometimes people carry these type of signboards when they are going to protest. It seems the protest is really a big problem that’s why even introverts have joined in.

2. Tired Arms



This man’s problem is the actual problem rather than the protest. Why do even people protest? To waste their energy on things which won’t matter in next two days?

3. Advertise Yourself


Instead of protesting this guy was more busy displaying his own signboards and self-proclaimed one of the best in the category.

4. Own Priorities


When you see a child with a signboard telling his own love for trains is something adorable in the environment of a protest. A little innocence is something which is always appreciated. Click next.