13 Signboards That Are Really Smart Funny And Should Exist Everywhere

The government of every country tries to save people by putting a street sign and other important signs on the road. But speaking frankly not many people in the world follow the rules and the signboards. And for that purpose, there are many places where the signboard is made interesting so that they start looking at them and follow them. Here are 13 signboards that are really smart funny and should exist everywhere.

#13 Feeling Sleepy


Feeling sleepy behind the wheels reading a sign like this during driving will definitely wake you up. This question answer Trivia is best suited for these kinds of drives.

#12 Forcast Button



Many times it happens when you leave your house it will not be raining but when you reach outside it starts to rain. Well to avoid that and save you from rain this lift has a special sign that tells if it is raining out or not.

#11 Fitness Walk


Whenever you go out for a food at a fast food joint or restaurant one thing that is always going on your mind is your health. Worry not this signboard will definitely help you if you park somewhere near to it.

#10 Don’t Trust Your GPS


GPS can be wrong, there are many reasons for that like network issue and many others. And the same thing is displayed on this signboard. Stay tuned for more on the next page…