13 Text Fails From Which You Can Learn Valuable Lesson

You should always pay attention towards your text when you are talking to an important person. Be it your mother or your child or anybody in your family. Sometimes texts can be so funny and at the same time, miss lead someone. Taking into consideration the moment when you text but don’t cross check¬†them are the most dangerous moments for you. Here are some of the text fails that you may want to go through.

1. Awkward Text To Mom


This type of message that too to your mom can be so dangerous for your dad and you. You always make sure to not say something inappropriate in front of your mom.

2. New Harry Potter Fan



This mother started watching Harry Potter and is all excited about it. She sends a message to her child and says “I love heroin” but actually she meant Hermione.

3. Mushrooms Or Muslims


Telling your parents to bring something for you but then you realize that instead of the thing which you wanted you ordered something really awkward.

4. Smart Auto-Correct


When someone tries to be serious about their situation in front of you by sending a text about a dead family member, your autocorrect just does the thing which you never wanted to do. Click next to see more.