13 Things That We Loved In 2000 But Hate Them Now

The reminiscences of our childhood days always give us a sweet feeling inside. Especially when it comes to things which we had back in 2000, the feels get stronger. It’s not because we grew up with them, but also these trends have disappeared from the face of the earth. Just think about it and ask yourself how many time do you check your Myspace account? Or how many of you want to be like Hannah Montana. These were trends of that time and doesn’t exist nowadays. Here are some jewels of 2000 that defined our wardrobes and personality.

1. Because a $75 trucker hat was worth the money


Trucker caps were an incredible rage. Aside from being over-priced, there wasn’t generally much that they did, that a normal cap couldn’t.

2. The Baby G’s were the pride of every wrist



These were the coolest watches of that times. Raise your hands if you still keep one of these secretly in your closet.

3. I’m popular as hell! Yeah!


In 2000, these notifications made us so popular how much we needed to be. Things still are the same and haven’t changed much.

4. Every wardrobe had at least one of them


Every girl wished for this bag at that time. These handbags made you feel like supermodels back then. They were really popular amongst girls. Click next.