13 Times When Pranksters Totally Nailed It

The most well-known pranksters have a large number of endorsers on YouTube and different stages, and even profit tricking! Be that as it may, we think these pranksters merit a prize as well. We generally acknowledge a job well done, and we just couldn’t clutch this accumulation of tricks without demonstrating it to you.

1. A cup prank at my high school


Placing cups all over the corridor of your school just to see what people will be thinking about and how are they going to react. The guy must have been punished to do so.

2. On Halloween, try dipping Brussel sprouts in chocolate to play a nasty trick.



You people tell you life is a box full surprises you expect something different and not this. Trying to dip a Brussel sprout in chocolate and giving it to your friend is really rude.

3. Have you noticed that Kraft cheese mix is identical in color to orange juice?


Taking advantage of mixing something with the juice is just next level prank. Your friends can never know what you have done with it.

4. How to give your colleague a heart attack


Really annoyed by your officemate? You must try placing this horn under his chair just like this picture. They will surely experience a heart attack. Click next.