13 Tumbler History Posts That Are Better Than What You Learned In School

Have you ever come across something which you thought you learned much better but actually the thing in front of you is much better. Yes! there are times when you can learn something in an easy way then in your history classes. These tumbler posts should be spread worldwide to increase the knowledge of the people in a very easy way. Here are some of the posts that are better than what you learned in school.

1. On George Washington


So this is just what actually happened and people can learn it in a really easy way from this tumbler post.

2. On Rutherford B. Hayes



When you talk about the most attractive president in American history you can get so many names in your head but the actual answer is this.

3. On John Adams


When a big man attaches his diary pages to notes which are to be handed over to the Congress, they get to know your internal thoughts.

4. On U.S. presidential terms


Reading about presidential elections and the candidates which were standing for them can be so easy to read nobody thought about that. Click next.