13 Tweets Which Will Surely Make You Laugh

There were times when people had to laugh at jokes of funny people and that reached a small number of people. The talks were remembered for a short period of time. Nowadays people have this habit of using social media to convey their jokes to people worldwide and become a sensation overnight. These jokes revolve around the internet and make people laugh. We have combined some of the tweets which are really funny and leave an impact on you for a longer period of time.

1. Having A Family


Just to show that you have people you care about you do things which you have never done before. Hugging an Uber driver seemed fair enough.

2. Don’t Mess With Your Wife



When you want to initiate an argument intentionally you just have to say these things. Your wife will automatically give an answer that will shock you to the core.

3. That’s Time Consuming


These are the things which are really annoying at times. How untangling your earphones can lead to so wasting so much time.

4. Places To Learn How To Chug


Just to make yourself expert in chucking drinks you can learn it when you are in college frats and when you are in an airport security line. Fair enough? Click next.