13 Unknown Google Facts That Will Make You Say OH!

We often fall for simple advice from people for instance regarding a natural cure for some disease. Also, the internet is full of such unknown things and we fall for them easily and never take a second guess. Here is a well-curated list of such unknown facts from google you never knew about or never bothered to search. Check how many of them you knew about.

#13 How Vital Is Humour For Women?


Look at a successful relationship it’s been found that women are more attracted to the guys who can make them laugh. Laughing makes the bond more strong.

#12 What Happens When You Die?



According to some scientific research, it’s been found that the brain of a human being is still active for 7 minutes after death. It’s the mind playing back the person’s memories in a dream sequence.

#11 Did You Know About This Academic Hack?


This is interesting for students, There is a free website called “essay typer.” With the help of this site, one can get its essay and paper done easily. It will write the paper for you in minutes.

#10 Side Reveals How Quick You Will Doze Off?


You might not believe this but sleeping is related to the side you chose to sleep. It has been found sleeping on the right side will make you fall asleep faster. Keep reading for more on next page…