You must be thinking why should you be a Scottish born!? Well here we have 14 amazing fun moments that is more than enough reason why being a Scottish is the best thing that could happen to you. Read the article to see these amazing fun Scottish moments.

1. The warm welcome.

This amazing moment when you receive such a warm welcome as soon as you enter Scotland. They welcome you in the most amazing way, which makes you more than happy to be there.

2. Wonderful sight.

This amazing moment when you wake up early in the morning and you are greeted with an amazing view of the Scottish flag in the sky, courtesy of the fighter jets who made it.

3. Ponies in jumpers.

Scotland is one of the coldest countries in the world, this moment is a proof that even the furriest of the the animals like these ponies need jumpers to resist the chilling temperatures of the country.

4. National pride.

You can only see this in Scotland, the moment where men, women, children and old people all are proud to be born ginger. This amazing moment proves the national pride of the people of the country.

5. Equality.

This proud moment of the country where gay people are accepted by the society as equals and are allowed to live happily in the country among the society with equal rights.

6. Healthy breakfast.

This moment of a healthy and tasty breakfast out in the open in the freezing temperature with lots of Irn-bru to make your perfect breakfast complete.

7. Emergency Pringles dispenser.

This amazing moment when you are damn hungry and can’t find nothing around to eat, suddenly you see this amazing emergency Pringles dispenser on the side walk. Only in Scotland you will find this.

8. Friendly notice.

If you are a crazy driver and driving for the first time in Scotland be sure to get this really friendly note on your car after you get back to the parking. This is as polite as they can get!

9. Wedding kickabout.

That funny moment when you play football wearing such a outfit, you are sure to kick off someones balls if you are not careful while kicking around the balls.

10. Scottish Prom celebration.

In most countries couples dress up and head to the ball room to dance around. But in Scotland prom night is much fun, couples dress up and dance on the trampoline.

11. Selection of refreshing soft drinks.

That amazing moment when you enter soft drinks section in the mall in Scotland and you see a whole new world of soft drinks that you have never seen before. Sounds fun to me!

12. Water dispenser.

That funny moment when you see a water dispenser in Scotland and you are thisty. But the fuunny part is you don’t get water from that dispenser!

13. Post weekend trash.

That amazing moment when you see the trash overflowing with booze bottles, you may think it must have been a new year part but the funny part is it was just a weekend.

14. Special Offer.

This amazing when you see this special offer that would change your life forever. This amazing but funny offer you get at a barber shop, you get Whisky every time you get a haircut.