Don’t be all flabbergasted upon the help topic. Girls equally need help too. While men seek tips to land the girl of their dreams women have similar interests. A lot of women find their Mr.Right but don’t know how to talk to him or even if they do , they don’t know how to proceed further. Eventually if both people have interest in each other some wrong signs and the game is over. So if you are a woman seeking romantic relation and need help you need not worry girls we are here for your rescue. Here is a curated list of effective ways to get the ” Tall Dark Handsome Dork” of your life.

#1. Get His Complete Attention


The first and foremost important sign to attract a guy is to divert his attention towards you. Boys don’t seek romance initially unless you are his crush and even if you are , they are not pretty sure about what to talk. Communication is the basic key. Try talking¬† to him and keep the talks limited , we don’t want him to think you are the blabber queen.

#2. Be Mysterious


After you are comfortable with general conversations you can proceed further telling him a few things about yourself. But don’t get all revealing , remember mystery leads to inquisitiveness and further making him involved in you.

#3. Don’t Be Desparate


This rule is to be followed by both the parties. Don’t get all needy and clingy , this can make the other person lose interest in you and ultimately getting you tagged as a clingy one.

#4. Be Approachable


If you are trying to play the difficult to get game be cautious ! Don’t get all stiff and drive people away. Continue reading on Next Page.

#5. Be Polite


A well groomed and well-mannered woman is often appreciated by men.  Be nice and polite.

#6. Take Interest In Him


Try to find common interest in each other. However there might be times when you might not have anything in common, you can try asking him his hobbies and read about a few. Read more on next page. 

#7. Get Sporty


There are many less men who are not attracted to any sort of sport. If you are not the most physically active one you can even watch his favorite sport. Remember!! If he is a football junkie and you try acquainting and liking the sport bet you your guy won’t go anywhere.

#8. Be Fun


Most guys won’t like a serious woman, if you have a bit of humorous side get it out. A funny woman is a heart stealer. Continue on next page.

#9. Appreciate Him

Be it his knowledge or his acts always be appreciable for the little efforts he puts in for you.

#10. Smile Often


Your shiny pearls can surely make him skip a beat. Read more next.

#11.Personal Hygiene


Personal Hygiene and looks do play a big game. Your first appearance makes it last longer. Remember to keep it simple and sober.

#12. Make The Next Move


There is really no harm if you carry out the next move , a guy will be equally thankful. Continue reading on next page.

#13. Hang Out Often


The only way to get thing moving forward is meeting often. Going out for lunch or evening walks can prove helpful.

#14. Seek His Protection


Men have loved to take upper hand since early ages and although you might be the bold confident and independent woman, sometimes seeking his protection and support can be beneficial. Holding hands while walking or crossing roads makes a guy feel more authoritative.